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(Like Patients Etherized Upon A Table)
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Essays in Magazine Media

December 2012 

Essay 1. The Spectator: A Study in Comparison

Essay 2. Magazines Mediating Empire

Essay 3. Mediating Dickens

Essay 4. Hello! to Privatisation

Essay 5. Home and Away


10-4 2010
Ten predictions for UK magazines in 2010

The Case Against 'Community'
Why the C-word won’t work for commercial magazine publishers

Who Needs Journalism?
Journalism is still the stuff of today's magazines; or maybe magazines don't need journalists like they used to?

Men's Health in Context
Why Men's Health leaves men trapped in their bodies and chained to the ideology of wellbeing.

Pick Me Up Magazine Audit
What works (and what doesn't) when 'real life' is formatted for Pick Me Up.

Changing the Subject: from the Gentleman’s Magazine to GQ and Barack Obama
Is the Gentleman's Magazine suited to the 21st century?

Contract Publishing
Contract Publishing changes the relationship between publisher, editor and reader

Why Magazines Lead the Journalism of Low Expectations
More paracetamol than polemical: why the palliative publications of today are a pale shadow of their politicised predecessors.